Campaign to end charging in your local area

Charging migrants for healthcare challenges the very foundation of the NHS. It is a policy that affects everybody, attacking the rights of patients and undermining the professional duties of healthcare workers. We must campaign for a repeal of all charging regulations in the NHS and the return of a properly funded service for everybody.

This goal can only be realised by a broad-based movement that brings together and mobilises people across the country. Campaigns need to be built locally, engaging migrant communities, local institutions, healthcare workers, councillors, MPs, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), NHS Trusts and existing local campaigns. Only in this way can the strength be created to challenge the policy nationally.

This section includes information on how to undertake that campaigning: containing ideas about principles and general strategy, how to build your campaign, stand alone actions you can take and resources you can use during your campaigning.

Whatever you decide to do, get in touch to tell us what you’re doing so we can support you.