Organise a workshop or meeting

One surprising feature of NHS charging is that many people, including migrant communities and healthcare workers, do not know about it. You can help by raising awareness in your community, trade union, local party branch or amongst doctors, nurses and hospital staff where you live. You can invite a speaker from Docs Not Cops or download our presentation and deliver it yourself.

Workshops can have the objectives of:

Helping your members know their rights

  • Engage and listen to the experiences of other migrant community organisations or groups affected by the policies. It is important to reach out to and meet with your local church or mosque, migrant community or residents’ associations and ensure there is space in your workshop for them to share the experience of their community members. This listening is important to establish a shared understanding of what the problem and how it impacts the community.
  • Raising awareness in the community about the impact of the hostile environment policies
  • Supporting NHS staff in ensuring they help people access the care they need
  • Recruiting people to understand how they can collectively campaign against charging in the NHS

Workshops are most useful as part of a local campaign plan which can bring in and mobilise large sectors of the community to take action. Try to give people something to do from these workshops - put up a poster in their workplace, hold another workshop etc, even something small can draw them into the campaign.