Engage your local GP

GP services remain free for all to use, however many people still struggle to access their GP because they are incorrectly asked to provide proof of address or immigration status. A little support can make a big difference in helping someone access this vital part of the NHS, and can even lead to changes in policy at the GP surgery.

Entitlement to see a GP

Everyone is entitled to see a GP. You do not have to prove address or immigration status and not being able to does not allow the GP surgery to refuse to register someone.

Doctors of the World have produced an excellent toolkit to help patients and GPs make sure everyone gets the care they need - Safe Surgeries Toolkit.

Talk to your GP

Most GPs don’t know that anyone can register, and many don’t know how many people are turned away. Talk to your own GP, or go to your Clinical Commissioning Group patient forum and raise the issue. Encourage your GP surgery to put up posters telling people their rights and reassuring them that this surgery is safe. You can read a successful account of this here, and there are posters in the Safe Surgeries Toolkit.