Build your local campaign

It’s important that your campaign focuses on structural change, whether that is running local campaigns or encouraging healthcare bodies to support migrants’ access to healthcare and/or to publicly state their opposition to the Government’s policies.

As a general rule, when organising campaigns it can be useful to follow the following outline of steps:

  • Build a team of individual and organisations with whom you can work
  • Do your research and understand your targets, find out who has the power to change the situation, find your allies and shape your demands into specific asks/solutions to the problem at hand
  • Take action publicly, in a way that elicits a reaction from those you are trying to impact or influence. This should include working with the media to ensure your action gets coverage.
  • Create opportunities to negotiate with those with the power to change the situation. Either in a meeting or by inviting them to a public action.
  • Evaluate what you have achieved, plan what needs to be done next and regroup around the next set of demands or issue.

Docs Not Cops exists to support you in developing your campaign - contact them if you want advice, help, or resources.